Dj Vyrusky – ThrowBackVerseDay 2016


History, one of the greatest things a generation can leave for generations young and yet to be born is a vital part of human existence. It is the basis of who we are as a people and it can never be discarded or disregarded. It is the everyday story that tells future people how and where today’s people lived, the lives they led and the decisions that brought them to where they are. This history is usually told through a skewed eye or with a lot of bias.
However, every once in a while someone with a non-penchant ability for telling the truth without apologies pops up and lives the truth of their words. These individuals although rare, provide a crucial lifeline to who we are and provide a definition for the sort thoughts that set us apart from the next people. In this class is DJ Vyrusky. With an ear that doesn’t just hear music but chords and tunes of magic that vibrate at the end of every single vibe or song, providing more than enough room for defining 2016 through #THROWBACKVERSEDAY.
The catalog plays through time to bring all the best and defining moments in music throughout 2016 in 57 minutes with 57 songs. Playing double ditch with genres, he makes it a delight to listen to his piece that offers a foresight into the thinking of the brilliant artistry we experienced in the course of the year without forgetting that our biggest competition and motivation is what makes us better as a people and pours out some Nigerian tunes into the mix that includes hits like ‘Mahama Paper’ and ‘Mad over You’.

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