Knii Lante – Have Fun



A wicked and very refreshing Reggae pop track ( and its remix ) is about to hit the Gh music scene . The song is “Have Fun” , by the multiply-awarded best male vocal performer , Knii Lante . Set on the Love Quest Riddim produced by Kheil Stone Music , this song by Knii Lante is just massive.

At the first listening one can’t help but notice how Knii subtly promotes the sights and sounds of his mother country Ghana 🇬🇭 ……. the mention of the beaches and river cruises in Big Ada ; and then in the second verse the reference to the Meridian ( hotel) in Accra-Tema which is located RIGHT AT THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH ! ( the intersection of the equator and the Greenwich meridian).

In this song also, there is a side of @Kniilante that is revealed – the bubbly and sun-filled part of the physician , as he sings and paints a most colourful picture of sunny beaches, bikini-clad ladies , speedboats , drinks and ….herbs !

🔥🔥🔥🔥 ….. all on the canvas of Ghana .

Voiced in Ghana , the Afro-pop remix was produced by Genius Selection ( and contains samples from the original Love Quest Riddim ).

Undoubtedly , Knii Lante is raising the standards. Evidence of the smashing Gh singer Knii Lante revving things up for a most exciting 2018 is here. Share the love , share the experience..​

Have Fun (Reggae) [DOWNLOAD]

Have Fun (Afro Pop Version) [DOWNLOAD]


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