Wala Why – Aliens From Da Sun

Wala Why - Aliens From Da Sun
Wala Why – Aliens From Da Sun

Music to soothe the soul, music to cheer, music to raise a sad chin up, and music to keep you high spirited. It definitely is the “music of the sun” which Wala Why produces.

In our world today, music has gone beyond sticking to a particular kind of genre, people want to listen to good stuff, people need uniqueness in style of music and Wala Why offers that a 100%.

The release of his most recent album “Aliens from da Sun” was like an outburst of wildfire.The beat selection within this album only shows where passion meets uniqueness. The album “Aliens from da Sun” comprises of 18 breathtaking and mind -blowing songs.

“Go harder” is the first track in the album; the beats coupled with the message in the music keeps you going harder. The next song on the track is “Back to Africa,” where he reflected on Africa his home and his origin. The other songs in the album includes tracks like “Sunshine for a madman,” “Feeling for you,” “Thick stacks,” “Too rich,” “Plata O Plomo,” “Enemy,” “Live for da bread,” “You are a star” to mention but a few.

Without a doubt, Wala Why is one of the most unique; yet interesting artist to happen from 2016 through to 2017 and burst into 2018.

Download Wala Why’s “Aliens From Da Sun” album here


Wala Why – Aliens From Da Sun [Download]

  1. Go Harder [Download]

2. Back to Africa (Rootman) [Download]

3. Sunshine for a Madman [Download]

4. Feeling for You [Download]



5. Thick Stacks [Download]


6. Too Rich [Download]


7. Plata O Plomo [Download]


8. Enemy [Download]

9. Live for da Bread [Download]


10. You Are a Star [Download]


11. Good Mood [Download]


12. One Love (Silence) [Download]


13. Lies [Download]


14. The Greatest [Download]


15. Born Ready [Download]


16. Can’t Sleep [Download]


17. Family (LV Edition) [Download]


18. Living in Exile [Download]